Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Christmas Season Comes to an End

Here are a few more treasures I got around the Christmas time.

To dress up my outfit for work today, I wore the necklace from my cousin. It's a cute little bird.

I also set up the picture from B (put in the frame by her M). I think the flowers were in her backyard. Isn't she talented? Especially considering this was taken with a point-and-shoot.

And finally, this wasn't an actual gift but I won it at a Christmas party, is my quad chair. It's fancier than the ones I already own. And by fancy, I mean it has armrests with cupholders. :)

And thus brings an end to the Christmas season. Don't get me wrong it was lovely to see everyone. But 6 work parties, 2 family parties, and 4 friend parties is enough to wear any out of their holiday cheer.

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