Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Personalized Decor - Around the House

When I was little, I collected pencils. I lost count at 175. The question was what to do with them now. I wanted to display them without it looking too "kid-ish." I discovered that pencils fit perfectly into J's empty iced tea jars.

I had enough pencils to fill 3 jars and then some. I tried to display the more interesting and unique pencils around the edges. I chose not to include any of my holiday pencils.

The tea costs around $4.00. I liked the size and shape of the jars so I kept a few instead of recycling them. I started collecting pencils because they were a cheap souvenir. I also accumulated pencils from school and as presents.

*Tip: Display a unique collection in jars. It brings a personal touch to your decor. Not to mention, this is cheap and easy. And in my case, allowed me to bring a glimpse of my childhood into my adult life.

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MoreCowbellPlease23 said...

That's so cool! I should do something like that with my old eraser collection.