Sunday, June 05, 2011

DIY Summer Wreath

While perusing my new favorite website, I found a great idea for a summer wreath.

Via theBERRY
Being the bargain shopper and a relatively creative person, I felt that I could make this myself. I took a trip to Party City for cocktail umbrellas (144 for $4.99) and Hobby Lobby for a styrofoam wreath ($5.99).

I bought a couple different styrofoam wreaths. I found that, because the umbrellas are relatively fragile, the less compacted wreath was the way to go. From there I poked in umbrellas of different colors and openings. The hardest part was finishing without too many or too few umbrellas and without two of the same color together. But it's done and now hangs on my door in celebration of summer!

Here is the finished product! What do you think? For only $11 and about 30ish minutes less than 1 hour, I have a wreath that's fun and summery :)