Friday, September 16, 2011

Office - craigslist

Our "office" is all set up. And by office, I mean the large closet in our living room.

Our office cost a total of $107, all off craigslist. The desk was the most expensive at $80. The chair was $15 and the chair mat was $12. Slowly but surely we are getting everything situated in our apartment. And we brought home our newest addition today, a tabby and white kitty named Kourtney.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Shower & Bath Caddy - HospiceCare Thrift Store

J and I just got our first apartment together. We're still in the process of getting settled in. I'm always looking for useful and fun ways to organize. When I rented a house with two other roommates, we had a 3-shelf shower caddy in the corner. It was great for keeping our toiletries organized without cluttering the tub. I was very excited to find a shower caddy at the HospiceCare Thrift Store.

And it was only $3.99! Let's hope I can find something just as effective and at this much of  a bargain for our dvds.