Friday, December 31, 2010

Elsie Goes Off-roading

So J and I are looking at houses. There were a couple in towns we had never been to, so we went on an adventure. We stopped at Brooklyn

Population 1276
and Waterloo.

Population 3259
Our little adventure ended up costing me $79.13. Why so much, you ask? Because Elsie ended up in the ditch. Well, truthfully, we drove onto what I thought was a drive but what was really a snowmobile trail *sigh* and ended up needing a tow truck to pull me out. To move Elsie about a foot in 5 minutes costed $79.13. This is the epitome of an un-bargain.

 I felt like such an idiot. However, some good did come out of this. We discovered the people of Brooklyn were quite nice. Two vehicles stopped to make sure we were okay and to offer assistance. Thank you, kind hearted strangers.

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