Friday, December 17, 2010

Elsie Goes to The Sauna

It was time to get my car in for an oil change. I finally had the time last night after work. And my car was thrilled! You see Elsie, yes I named my car Elsie, got plowed in on the side of the street with all this snow.

And no matter where Elsie traveled, it was cold. Until...her oil change! She was on top of the world...literally.

She got her fluids topped off and was able to thaw out. Best of all, I could open the trunk again! You see, I attempted to open the trunk the other day. I must have succeeded somewhat because the open trunk warning light came on in the dash. But it was still frozen shut....until the oil change. And now today, I find out that her gas cap was also frozen shut. I had to chip away at it to get her tank filled. Now we're ready for our road trip tomorrow to visit R :)

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